Reviving Viajedora (05/01/2012) –  I created this blog to supposedly “document” my travels and adventures after pursuing a life of digital nomadry.  Yes, I’ve been making money through the internet and exploring places whenever I can but I guess I got a little too overwhelmed with this new kind of lifestyle that I have abandoned this blog for some time.  Hmm, excuses, excuses, right?  But alas,  I sort of had a reawakening so I promised myself that I will take time to write again and just have fun blogging.

Revisiting this site, I’m quite surprised that I have had a considerable number of visitors (according to my site stats) albeit my absence.   I’m sure most were dismayed to find this blog with almost nothing though.  Anyway, I’ve been here and there and I will be sharing some of my wanderlusting through this blog.  I also hope to share some travel tips (and some info about online gigs too) to fellow bloggers/travelers and perhaps, establish friendships from around the world.

Alright now, on to the next adventure (logging off to take a dip in the crystal blue waters of Dauin, Negros Oriental).  I see Nemo.  Ciao!

Feel free to browse through my whereabouts or better yet, you may subscribe to stay updated.


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