Confessions of a Stressed Gum

I’ve had so many bo-bos in my 30 years of existence.  In fact just last year, I crashed my motorbike and quite seriously had injuries but thanks to my helmet, I’m still alive (I hope my mom doesn’t read this).  Some few years back, while driving a car, I side-swept over a tree… and so on and so forth.  Looking back, I have endured the pain from fractured legs, scraped skin (ok, I”ll stop now as this may get grosser)… but the most difficult pain for me to bear is a TOOTH TANTRUM.  In my world, it is the King of All Aches, the small, the terrible, dreaded…

Wait a minute, why am I talking like this?  Do I sound nonsense???  Please excuse me, I’ve been heavily drugged for the past 6 or so hours (see disclaimer below) and up to know, I can even barely feel my lips or my cheek.  I’ve had anesthesia, pain killers, antibiotics and what-nots.  I have an image of myself in my mind right now – my face probably looks Betty Boopish and my lips as prominent as Donald Duck’s beak.   

Ayayay…  You see,  I have this tooth I needed to get fixed but have been procrastinating.  So finally last night, I experienced the most painful kind of pain I’ve ever had.  The worst part is, there is no dentist in the town I’m in (Amlan, Negros Oriental) or maybe there is/are but I really don’t know anyone there.  I took some over-the-counter painkillers but they never worked.  So with a cringing face and some weird looks from random people but what the heck, I got on a bus for Dumaguete City, 31 kilometers far… probably about 30-45 minutes ride.

The ride to Dumaguete seemed liked eternity and the pain was driving me crazeee. I tried to entertain myself:  hummed, thought of nice things, thought of Brad Pitt…. brain power… power of the brain…power of attraction… mantra… – nothing ever worked.  I almost gave up when I finally arrived in Dumaguete. I don’t have a dentist here but there should be one I can find.  And there it was indeed, the clinic of Dr. Lyra Salutan-Teves  where I was attended to very well.   Her hands where as gentle as the angel’s (my tooth extracted without fuss) and her assistants were nice too.   Ahh I’m now starting to feel the anesthesia wearing off, I hope the pain doesn’t come back.


“Love your teeth with all your heart,

for without healthy teeth you CANNOT TRAVEL.”  

And oh by the way, I’m at Harold’s Mansion now.  It’s a cool place out here.  I decided to just stay in Dumaguete for the night to give myself some relaxation time.  When I got here earlier around 10am, I think, I can’t even talk to the receptionist.  I had to jot down my message on a paper and I wanted to laugh at myself for looking really stupid.   No other rooms were available for today though except for the dormitory, so I checked in anyway.  I’m writing this on my dormitory bed.  This place is not bad at all, it’s clean and spacious and the staff are friendly.  Most importantly, I have established new friendships today (thanks toothache)  with three nice ladies, my roommates.  Two are from Europe and the other from USA.

Harold’s Mansion has become famous among backpackers.  There’s a lot of intercultural interaction going on here, not to mention lots of fun things to do.  As we speak, a couple of guests are grilling fish and having beer at the rooftop.   I will be back here without a toothache, I promise.  Surely by then I can give you more information about this hostel.  For now, I must take my dinner (ice cream and cold mushroom soup – yeah weird huh) and take a rest.  Ciao!

*Disclaimer:  My mathematical ability is a bit impaired as of writing.  Estimated number of hours may not be too reliable.


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