Hong Kong Walkabouts

I like Hong Kong.  It’s busy and vibrant yet culturally and historically rich.  From the outside, it may look nothing but a bustling city or a shopping mecca but if you explore further you’ll feel and experience the vibrant spirit of this tiny city-state.  Hopefully, the photos below will tell you more about Hong Kong.  


Here is a spectacular view of Victoria Harbour (looks more wonderful at night though). It is situated between Hong Kong Island and the Kowloon Peninsula. Long ago, swimming competitions and water polo were held at the harbour. Now, it is more famous for fireworks displays and many sightseeing locations along the harbour such as the Avenue of  the Stars, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and the New World Centre, among others, as well as many restaurants and coffee shops.  Star Ferry rides are also popular at the harbour.  It’s cheap and more relaxing than taking an MTR (train).

Hong Kong summers are fun and colorful. This picture was taken on my way to the Giant Buddha at the top of the Ngong Ping plateau at Lantau Island. I took the cable car to reach Lantau and did a lot of walking. Aside from the buddha and the temples, you can also visit the Wisdom Path on the island or if you’re feeling more adventurous, go trekking and visit some small villages in the area. Traditional villages such as Tai O Village and Mui Wo are popular attractions.

The historic Peninsula Hong Kong by night located at Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon.  Back in the days, this classic hotel served the wealthy visitors of Hong Kong.  However during the Battle of Hong Kong around the early 1940’s, the place was occupied by the Japanese army.  When the Japs were defeated and several years thereafter, the building has undergone major restorations and expansion.  A number of classy restaurants, bars, and high-end fashion shops now adorn the area plus you won’t miss the sight of the flashy Rolls Royce Phantom fleet at the hotel.

More to follow… 


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